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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Job, Work, or Purpose and Super Sisters on Saturday AM Live!

Carolyn and Pam
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"Pamela Shands and Carolyn Jones are sisters who understand the value of Nikken. In less than 90 days they’ve experienced what some would call miraculous. Pamela shared a few weeks ago and scratched the surface of what’s happened to her sister. The excitement spread so quickly that even their brother got involved. Short version is that Pamela has gone Silver in less than three months and has no plans of stopping there. As they just told me on the phone, ‘These products are wonderful and we love to share!’"

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"March 16, 2018

Job, Work, or Purpose

In September of 1960, my grandfather started Columbia Sheet Metal for the purpose of providing gutters and downspouts here in Portland, Oregon. My father joined him in the business and worked in that industry for 34 years until Nikken came along. Today, my brother, nephews, and I continue the tradition with what I think is the same focus and intent that our family always had…. Provide a product and service for people who need it.

Because this is in my DNA, it’s more of a hobby than a job. I find fulfillment while doing it and take pleasure in providing for people. At 49 years of age, I wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to climb ladders, scale roofs, and simply do things that most people my age cannot do. Nikken gives me this ability.

The summer of 1991 I made a poor choice in plunging 75 into a waterfall which altered my back. While the x-ray revealed nothing was broken, I wasn’t able to lay down, sleep on my back, or do the things that I always did. For over a year I learned to live with back agony. In less than a month using a variety of products including the sleep system, I was able to do those things again that I couldn’t. Today, our family uses everything that Nikken produces and we love the results.

But here’s the funnest part about it…. Providing a product and service like my family does with sheet metal is what I get to do with Nikken. Because I enjoy both of them, I often forget that I’m supposed to call this a job or work. I guess when you’re in the business of helping people, you don’t see it as a task, but merely an opportunity to serve.

Can I encourage you to find purpose in what you do? Just like with Nikken, there are people who need you to.


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