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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Simple Solutions and Sharing Them on Saturday AM Live!

Click Here to Listen to "Simple Solutions with Super Results.

Whether its a piece of DUK on a cut to accelerate healing & reduce the scar, a mStride placed on the belly to stop the hiccups, or CM Cream on a burned finger to eliminate the sting, these are just three of the ways I’ve used Nikken’s wonderful products this week. While we NEVER make medical claims, all of us have some wonderful ways in which we use these fantastic solutions every day to keep our bodies in tip-top shape WITHOUT drugs or running to the doctor.

If you’ve got a fun way in which you’ve used the Nikken products, then we’d love to have you share it with the group. Join the call and press *6 when ready. Regardless of how big or small the experience, I know it’ll be fun to hear your story."

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March 9, 2018

"You did what with what?

Almost daily when sharing Nikken and these wonderful products with people, we typically get a raised eyebrow or a question like this. It’s almost as if common sense medicine or simple solutions found in nature are completely foreign to our culture. It’s as if getting proper sleep, being adequately hydrated, breathing clean air, and consuming proper nutrients is too simple to actually do what we have come to know to be true.

The Nikken blog published every week is a fantastic way to access the latest research for common sense solutions for ourselves and our friends. I’ve made it a habit of forwarding this on via email and then following it up with a phone call to certain customers and consultants. After all, following up with people is an act of respect, not one of being a pest.

Yes, we may be looked at as crazy for using products produced by a Japanese research and development company formerly known as ‘the magnet company’, but when you consider the options, I’ll take this any day!


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