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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Purposeful Planning and Sherri Danzig on Saturday AM Live!

Rachel, soon to be Dr. Danzig
Click Here to Listen to an Amazing Trio of Winners, Team Kaizen Member Sherri Danzig, her Daughter Rachel and Sherri's Rock Solid Mentor, Frank.

Sherri Danzig blew us away a month ago when she interviewed Dr. Melaney Caldwell (February 24th) and she’s been really gearing up for sharing some of her own lessons in life. As a new member of Team Kaizen, she will be one of just a few who are traveling to Japan for an eight day, all expenses paid trip. If that’s not exciting enough, her daughter Rachel is about to graduate from medical school having had it paid for by the Watanabe Scholarship Foundation. 
Sherri Danzig
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March 23, 2018

Purposeful Planning

Two years ago I had the opportunity of pushing the Healthy Society envelope by spending ten days with a group building the second story and roof of a church in Papalote, Mexico. In a few hours, I will be leaving to do the exact same thing again. Eleven us will be driving about 26 hours hauling windows, doors, tools, and just about anything else we could cram into a trailer in order to make our five days as effective as possible. From today till April 1st, we’d welcome any and all prayers on our behalf.

Sherri's Mentor, Frank

Giving back to those less fortunate or helping in our community is something our family has always done simply because it’s the right thing to do. It seems like those who are most successful in life know how to do this and it’s just part of their normal routine. Investing into society, whether local or far away, is something that pays back dividends far better than any mutual fund. It’s the personal satisfaction that you gave a little bit of yourself expecting nothing in return.

As we seek to live balanced lives, can I encourage you step out and make a difference in your community? Yes, it’s a fantastic way to meet people, but even more so, it’s the best way to see how truly blessed we are. And that gratitude from others is something that you’ll NEVER forget!


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