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Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Gift and Q&A with Dr Stan Bogusz on Saturday AM Live!

Dr. Stanley Bogusz
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call.

It’s Q&A time with the doctor! Dr. Stan Bogusz has spent decades studying, treating, and offering the gift of ‘foot wellness’ to people as a Podiatrist. When he discovered Nikken for himself, it didn’t take him anytime at all to realize that he just had to share this gift with others. The difference between Nikken and other modalities out there is the fact that he is completely selfless in sharing it. Dr. Stan has agreed to pass on some of his experiences of ‘gift giving’ by answering questions that we have encountered recently or way in the past. Please have some questions ready as he has a vast amount of answers prepared for us.

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December 21, 2018

" 'The Gift'

In a few days, children around the world will be looking forward to Christmas morning with anticipation that is rarely matched on any other day. It’s the thought that Santa, parents, or anyone for that matter, has prepared something that will bring hours, days, and months of pure glee. While most of the time it is a gift or gifts they’ve asked for, more often than not, the gift that brings the greatest delight is one that they hadn’t really considered.

Over the years, I’ve always looked at Nikken as a gift. My mom rejected the gift six months before our family was introduced by Dennis Williams by telling her friend, ‘If there was anything to this, surely I would have heard about it from any one of the health sources that I glean information from’. Who really knows how different things would be had she received it at that time in her life?

One of the guru’s in my life who has repeatedly given me the gift of wisdom in the arena of nutrition and weight management called me yesterday. Roger Drummer has spent decades researching and studying this topic because he himself rejected the wisdom that, as he describes, is right in front of our faces but we choose to ignore it because it seems too simple.

Do we look at Nikken as a gift? I have to challenge myself to continually think about this question because when I consider the impact that this company has made on our family, I’m often brought to tears. I almost rejected it and I cannot even fathom what life would be like without it. For the last quarter century, we have enjoyed living a life that others only dream of. And I’m not talking about just the one pillar of healthy finances. It’s more about having something being part of our daily lives that we can freely give to others when the timing is right for them.

As we wrap up the final days of this year and open a new chapter of our lives, consider the words that Dennis Williams taught me years ago when inviting people to take a look… ‘We’re offering people a gift, not begging a favor’ ".


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