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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Continuing Education and Dennis Williams on Saturday AM Live!

Dennis Williams
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Dennis Williams! You will want to share it!

"Dennis & Ruth Williams started their Nikken journey this month, back in 1991. The entire Rogers family is eternally grateful that they choose to commence sharing these amazing products AND the business opportunity during the busiest time of the year when most folks typically put everything off till ‘after the 1st of the year’. There’s a lesson in that by itself, but as Dennis and I have been chatting lately, I keep hearing the same thing…. Let’s finish 2018 strong because who knows, maybe we’ll change someone’s life with Nikken."

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December 12, 2018

"Continuing Education

Everyone knows that if you wanna get good at something and then stay one step ahead of the others, we must continue to grow. I saw a post the other day from this crazy 20 year-old who declared that she’s exactly half-way through her undergraduate studies. Kenna has worked really hard, but it didn’t start at university, but way back in Elementary school when she kept seeing opportunities to do a little bit more. In Everything!
I see this same spirit welling up in Nikken Consultants around the globe. We’ve been impacted by these products and the company philosophy so we keep wanting to share a little more in order to change lives.

Click Here to Watch Fabrizio Poli Interview
I want to pass on two resources that might make it easier that I’ve been sharing lately. One is from a few years ago and then the other is less than 24 hours old. Both focus on Grounding or Earthing and both are a wonderful way to connect folks with this great company.

Fabrizio Poli was a commercial pilot who lived at 30,000 feet or higher. In this interview he shares some starling health consequences that may result from being a frequent flyer. He has turned a life long passion for flying into not only being an avid pilot, he is a businessman who brokers airplanes internationally. Now Fabrizio has become a published author, public speaker and an ardent health advocate. The aspect of not being grounded doesn’t just impact those who are in the air, but everyone of us who don’t have direct contact with the earth and it’s organic properties to fuel our bodies.

Brody Off and Running
Brody Craney gave us a college level lecture in less than 15 minutes and then moderated some very unique testimonies. The recording can be accessed from any phone (no wi-fi or internet required). I was mesmerized by his simple explanation of this topic and within minutes started texting people who had already told me that they would not be able to get on the call live.

Call: 605-475-4992

Use Code 721323#

Choose Recording number 20#

May you continue to grow as our family has with life-changing lessons like these!"


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