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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Spring Break and Teacher Elaine Brewster on Saturday AM Live

Elaine Brewster
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"Elaine Brewster knows all about the world of taking a breaks from the regular world of a career. Working only nine out of 12 months was normal for her, yet [she] never looked at her job as a laboring task, but simply as an opportunity to give of herself to others. As an elementary teacher for decades, she developed quite a list of fantastic truths that she’d pass onto her students. She has incorporated these same principles as she shares Nikken with others. And while she doesn’t look at people as students per say, she does look at others as perspective pupils who need to be taught the things that we’ve come to accept as common sense wellness truths."
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"Spring Break

‘Taking a vacation from God is like taking a break from breathing’. - Oswald Chambers

Across the globe this month, primary schools, colleges, and university students are taking a break from their studies. One of ours just returned from a quick trip to Asia to visit a friend (‘I know it’s crazy Daddy to fly all the way to Indonesia with a 36 hour layover in Beijing, but the round-trip ticket was only $535’) while the other college/high school student is about to take her week to visit prospective universities in Southern California.

Do we as working adults ever take a designated week break? Or should we? While chatting with a real estate appraiser last week he asked me a question that I’d never been asked before. I had been sharing with him all the different things that Stacey and I are involved with as we attempt to live a life of balance according to Nikken’s 5 Pillars of Health. ‘Why do you do so much!?!?’, he asked in a most shocking way. I was actually shocked at my response because I didn’t hesitate for one second. ‘Because we can!’

There’s something about successful people that unsuccessful people don’t seem to notice at first. It’s that they tend to focus on living life to it’s fullest and keep a few core things in front of them. Dave and Valerie Johnson have modeled this for years and while talking with him on the phone this week, I realized that he passionately wants this for everyone he knows and meets along this journey called life.

Oh, and the other thing that is very crucial in living life to its fullest is to tap into the live things of life. Just like a concert, speech, stage show, or even video conference call, being part of something live is sooo much better than a recorded version. It’s because sharing something in real-time with others releases chemicals in the body that just don’t occur otherwise.

Coming April 1st at 5:30pm PDT or 8:30pm EDT we will have access to a live 15 minute conference call that will be unlike anything we’ve ever had in Nikken before. On Monday-Friday we will be able to tap into a short overview of what this company has to offer followed by a powerful testimony. These will NOT be recorded! Stay tuned for details as this will be a simple way to introduce people to what we have to offer and all they have to do is take a quick break from whatever they happen to be doing that evening. We can invite them, pop them a quick reminder text, or even 3-way them onto the line.


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