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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Band-Aide or Surgery and Janice Miller on Saturday AM Live

Janice Miller
Click Here to Listen to this weeks call with guest Janice Miller. 
Janice Miller underwent major heart surgery a couple times recently.  The human body is an awesome creation and she is living proof that when a body is surrounded by the best stuff on earth, it will respond favorably.  She laughed when I made the comment this week that she wasn’t exactly a Spring chick and then quickly added, ‘that’s exactly why I’m so compelled to share Nikken because if it can help me bounce back this quickly, people need to know!’

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March 8, 2019

"Band-Aid or Surgery?

While with Dad at his third physical therapy appointment after knee surgery, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the explanation of what his body had gone through and why surgery was inevitable.  Sure, he could have continued using Nikken’s wraps, CM Cream, Joint Formula, Power Chips, DUK tape, etc. and yet the damage was well beyond what his body was able to heal without a major alteration.  Don’t get me wrong, we have heard dozens of stories of people who have been able to completely avoid ‘going under the knife’ and these are truly wonderful, but it just wasn’t meant to be for Dad.  Sort of like him being able to keep his gall bladder after decades of a nasty German sweet tooth that had probably led him to consuming several thousand pounds of candy bars, donuts, and candy.  All conveniently hidden on the front seat of any vehicle he was driving.  Yep, his secret is now exposed.
What I’ve found to be most exciting though is that most people get attracted to Nikken (91% according to company research) because of a product experience.  This was definitely true for our family because we weren’t at the place of surgery back then.  We all just had some really agonizing issues that seem to magically improve in the course of a few days and weeks.  Isn’t that what band-aides are supposed to do?  Allow the body to heal naturally WITHOUT a trip to a doctor or surgeon.
Black and Blue Go Away!
 Last thought on the surgery note.  Before, during, and after his knee surgery, Dad has been immersed in the Nikken products.  Using the DUK tape directly over the incisions has been the most dramatic.  What was the most nasty color imaginable has quickly turned into the natural pink color of healthy skin.  I remember this oh too well last summer when I slipped while helping clean up debris at Dad’s barn and my upper arm took the brunt of the fall.  Nothing broken, but the beautiful black and purple mark was a perfect candidate for the Nikken band-aide solutions.  DUK tape and a Power Chip did the most remarkable job in 36 hours time.

As a first responder, I know that when people call 911 it’s for something really bad.  As much as I’d love to suggest Nikken products, its a major conflict of interest.  What’s great about sharing Nikken with anyone though is that most people are not in a panic.  The majority of folks are not needing surgery, they’re simply looking for a quick fix to get their body back at 100% or at least a little better than it has been."

PS Since this weekend is when all but Arizona and Hawaii lose an hour, be sure to check out Nikken’s blog to learn a few simple tips to avoiding a major bump in the road.  By far one of the best quick reads on this subject.

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