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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tools of the trade and Professor Bill Cottle on Saturday AM Live

Professor Bill Cottle
Click Here to Listen to this Weeks Call with Bill Cottle.

Bill Cottle is a teachers teacher. As a member of the Boise State University faculty, he taught those in the education field how to teach others. He retired a few years ago only to discover how to apply these same skills to Nikken. Hosting a movie night recently seemed like a fun way to use a tool that everyone has access to via YouTube, and yet Bill knew that gathering people together in a casual setting would not only be relaxing, but a very time effective way to teach others about the new Kenko Ground. He’ll share how he did it, what went into it, and the results.

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"March 15, 2019

Tools of the trade

In any profession, there are things we use to make the job more productive and easier. Whether it be building a house, cleaning a house, selling a house, or even living in that same house, there are things that make any task(or opportunity) more fulfilling.

In the world of Networking or sharing, we in Nikken have learned how to adapt with the world of the Internet. I remember just a few years ago when we’d mail a VHS tape of Dennis Williams as the tool to introduce a person to the world of wellness as we know it. It would take 2-3 days via priority mail to reach them, another day or two for them to watch it and then usually a few phone calls to hear their thoughts. Today, we merely copy and paste a link of any short or long video into a text or email. The recipient has it in a matter of seconds and a few minutes later has reviewed the information.

Last week while following up via text with my friend John about his rare feet issue, I asked him if he watched the movie ‘The Grounded’. We had exchanged a few texts back and forth prior so I couldn’t figure out why there was an hour delay after my question. That wondering ended when he replied, ‘Now I have!’ I’m not sure what he thought of it or if it helped him make a decision about the Kenko Ground, but at least I know he watched it.

Fast forward to this week. Instead of sharing the link with a few people, my friend Larry and I simply invited them to a movie night where we showed it. I wasn’t sure what to think as I hadn’t watched the entire thing, but Iike any documentary, I know there is tons of information which causes a change in the viewer’s perspective. We followed the movie with an energy test and some light conversation about grounding. The next day I just happen to run into the wife of one of my guests who said, ‘my husband came home literally beaming with excitement because we know so many people we want to introduce this to!’

Dennis Williams taught me years ago that we never want to ‘close’ a deal or an experience. Instead, we want to ‘open’ people up to what Nikken can do for them. Larry and I didn’t have a power close other than encouraging people to investigate this technology more for themselves and those they know. We’ll see where it goes but we’ve already got another movie night on the calendar next week and we hope to fill the living room again.

The Grounded

The Grounded Trailer


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