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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Grounded to Spring and Lacretia Dodd on Saturday AM Live

Lacretia Dodd & Vance - Nikken Team Summit
Click Here to Listen to This Weeks Call with Vance's guest Lacretia Dodd.

"Lacretia Dodd was trained to take no prisoners. Well, not really, but her background" growing up as an 'army brat' "has grounded her in the simple principles that impact her daily life. Like most of us, that life was altered by physical conditions that even her current occupation as a pharmacy technician didn’t provide solutions. Nikken entered her life and she knew that not only was this a viable solution for her one issues, but one that needed to be shared with others."

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"March 29, 2019

Grounded to Spring

Living on five acres is both a blessing and a curse. A friend of mine described property ownership as a ‘man killer’. For some who don’t enjoy care taking or projects, Spring is a time that isn’t looked forward to. But for those of us who have been given simple solutions that allow our bodies to thrive AND those who understand stewardship of land entrusted to us, any amount of land can be managed with ease. It can even be therapeutic to ‘work’ outside.

Last Saturday morning while doing what I’ve done every Saturday for the last 20 years, I did something that I’ve never done before. I call it the ‘Bill Cottle maneuver’. Not that Bill invented this procedure, but he was the first person that I’d met crazy enough to do it. While still on the phone, I slipped my slippers and socks off, walked the short journey from our porch onto the wet grass, and then found a piece of bare ground in which to place my bare naked feet in. At first, my toes were cold and quite pink. Within just a few minutes though, I could feel a natural warmth coming up my ankles, into my legs and throughout my body. I started stretching and bending WITH no pain, agony or discomfort in my lower back which I injured two weeks prior unloading about three cords of firewood.

Here’s the bottom line… We get to be grounded to spring into action everyday when we use the Kenko Ground WITHOUT having to expose our bodies to whatever the temperature is outside and WITHOUT hunting for a piece of exposed soil. And it’s way less messy! Is this product any different than any of the others which Nikken has introduced to the market place since 1975? Nope! And the beauty is that for just $129 we have something that will simulate God’s natural process every day for any condition. We don’t ever make medical claims and we don’t have to because all I did was stand on the bare soil doing something I’d not been able to do. Nikken doesn’t sell soil, but they do offer us products that are life-changing technologies from the earth. And we can be grounded to spring. Often doing things that our bodies were not able to do.

If you’ve not seen it or taken the time to share it with others, please carve an hour of your time to view this documentary. The validation for Nikken and the Kenko Ground is truly wonderful. And it really is fun to share with people what the book Earthing describes as the most important health discovery ever! It opens a door to peoples minds to not just one product, but the entire wellness home concept.

The Grounded Trailer (2:30)

The Grounded Movie (1:04:47)


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