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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Transitions and Caryn Willens

Caryn Willens

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"‘I help people who are hurting from acute and chronic discomfort using non-invasive, non-medical technologies to provide relief for them. Then I teach them the concept of self-care that creates a healthy balance so they can achieve a better quality of life. Who do you know who can benefit from relief from some discomforts?’ This is exactly how I would describe Caryn Willens as I’ve gotten to know her during the last three months. She literally helped me improve balance in every area of life and her no-nonsense grab life by the horns spirit is contagious."

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September 6, 2019


As a few leaves fall from the trees lining our road I hear this question from the back seat, ‘Is it Fall yet Daddy?’. Even though it’s still pushing triple digits in parts of the world, it’s definitely the transitional time of year as category 5 hurricanes bring their worst to the parts of paradise or our globe.

This last week I greeted Fall in a way that caught me by surprise. I fully expect the birthday to remind me of this transition, but a road trip to Southern California and then the difficult task of saying farewell to one of the strongest young ladies I know brought emotions that I wasn’t quite ready for. For three days we explored a beautiful university campus, moved our daughter into her dorm, attended orientations, and met some of the most amazing parents on the planet.

The part that really reminded me of opportunities ahead was watching Emily make the walk to her dorm knowing that it’ll be Christmas time when we see her again. This kid has only known one home so her new living arrangement including an international student will bring many different situations to navigate.

A transitional season is easy for most of us because we’ve been through them before. Our minds remind us of years past and we make the steps necessary. Anything that alters life as we know it like an imbalance in one of the 5 Pillars of Health may not be as easy to navigate. Most are introduced to Nikken because of a physical issue or a need to improve finances. But what if we’re forced to deal with a restoration in three, four, or all five areas at the same time?

Just as a lady named Dorian has reeked havoc on thousands of lives this last week, I’m reminded that healing and restoration take time. Remember to give the Nikken products and process time. Sure, we all want results overnight, but a true transition may take a little bit more to really bring optimum results."


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